Books online for Power BI

The Microsoft Office website now has some books online resources for Power BI. Power BI Getting Started Guide : Power BI Overview and learning Resources : The Data Management Experience : These will be a really valuable resource if you want to learn more about our new cloud-based BI offering.


Business Intelligence Sales Specialist Training

On Monday 15th April in Thames Valley Park, we are running another Sales Specialist Training day for BI. The morning of this session focuses on the Microsoft BI stack and how to sell it, including the competitive landscape. Then attendees take the SSA exam. After lunch, the training continues with Selling to the CXO.  …


Business Intelligence Practice Accelerator

Starting on the 3rd September, Microsoft are running a Business Intelligence Practice Accelerator. This is an online training offering for partners around building a BI practice and delivering our BI technologies. This is a new structure of Practice Accelerator, consisting of 3 online workshops, each 2 hours long, as well as an array of on-demand…


PowerPivot: Sort by column

Sometimes there are measures which have an intrinsic order to them, such as days of the week or month of the year. However, this order is not always known by the technology being used to represent data by those values. For example, if I was to create a pivot table plotting some value against month…


DQS: Create a New Knowledge Base

[View:] This is the first video I’ve done on Data Quality Services. It shows how to get started with DQS by creating a new knowledge base and running knowledge discovery on a sample data set.


Data Quality in SQL Server 2012 Part 4: Data Quality Services Client

Data Quality Services, introduced in the previous blog post, includes two main components: DQS Server and DQS Client. There’s also a DQS Cleansing transformation included in SSIS in SQL Server 2012, but I won’t be going into that in this post. In this post, I’ll be talking about these two, core components. At its simplest,…


Data Quality in SQL Server 2012 Part 3: Introducing Data Quality Services

The previous two blog posts have been focusing on Master Data Services. Given the title of this series, it would be remiss of me to forget Data Quality Services, the second piece of the data quality story in SQL Server 2012. Data Quality Services is a new set of functionality in SQL Server 2012, based…


Data Quality in SQL Server 2012 Part 2: Introducing Master Data Services

In the previous blog post, I introduced the concept of Master Data Management as a methodology to improve data quality by creating a “master” version of important information. Master Data Services is Microsoft’s technology for implementing Master Data Management. It is included in SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise and SQL Server 2012 Enterprise and Business…


Data Quality in SQL Server 2012 Part 1: Introducing Master Data Management

Data quality is important and data quality mistakes can be expensive. Imagine a situation where a company has two systems, each with their own data set. One system is for CRM, the other is a financial system. Both systems have information about customers. Now an employee needs to send an invoice to a customer. What…


New SQL Server 2012 Demo now includes a demo machine for SQL Server 2012. This includes the Telco demo that was present in the BI X demo machine as well as new demos on SQL Server 2012 functionality. There’s a set of demos on PowerPivot, including the auto sales demo which has been shown at various events and one…