PASS SQLRally Nordic 2012

Kamal Hathi, Microsoft Director of SQL Server Business Intelligence, will be delivering the keynote at the SQLRally event in Copenhagen from 1st to 3rd October 2012. The agenda is available on the SQL PASS website, including the pre-conference activities. This conference will involve several prominent Microsoft speakers, local MVPs and a range of content across capabilities…


Playing with Power View

I’ve been playing around with Power View (formerly codename Project Crescent). I started with a simple PowerPivot file I’d created to analyse the transactions of a small dog grooming salon (I wanted something different from the usual Contoso demos). It was a simple matter to publish this PowerPivot file to a PowerPivot gallery in SharePoint…


Two and a half minutes of awesome

These guys at SQL PASS presented on using Kinect to interact with SQL. Create databases by raising your arms. Delete databases by kicking them away. Back up databases by bringing your arms back. Awesome!


SQL Server Enterprise vs Standard

SQL Server 2008 R2 comes with a lot of features and functionality. Even the Standard version has a long list of capabilities to set DBAs drooling. But then there’s the Enterprise version. A question that comes up, more often than we’d like, is, “Why would I need Enterprise?” If there are so many features available…


SQL Denali Demo Machine

SQL Server codename Denali is in beta and the third preview has been available for a little while, which is great if you have the time and inclination to install, configure and run Denali for yourself. If you want to make use of a demo machine that someone else has already configured, there’s one now available…


SQL Bits 9: Query Across the Mersey

Registration is open for the 9th SQL Bits, this time being held in Liverpool. The conference runs from 29th September to 1st October and includes some top speakers talking all things SQL Server. Find out more or register here:


SQL Server Denali Product Guide

There is a new Product Guide available for SQL Server Codename Denali, the next version of SQL Server. This product guide includes PowerPoint decks, technical whitepapers, datasheets, demonstrations and more. If you want to see what’s coming in the next version of SQL, take a look.


Mythbusting: SQL Server is expensive

This isn’t nearly as common a myth as some of the others I’ve described so far in this series. Compared to most of the big players in this space, SQL Server is very low priced. The list prices for our competitors in this space tend to be about 10x that of SQL. The difficulty comes…


Mythbusting: SQL Server isn’t a market leader

In terms of big customers, Microsoft have been playing catch up with regard to databases. Some of our competitors have had a much stronger foothold into the enterprise space, with huge deployments in huge customers. That’s probably where this myth originates. But the fact is that we’ve been closing the gap for some years now….


Mythbusting: SQL Server isn’t secure

This is a myth that Microsoft have been fighting against for years. Some bad history has left us with a reputation that we’ve been struggling to overcome ever since. To get over this history, Microsoft have come up with procedures around security, fault-discovery and patching that are incredibly tight, with many companies aspiring to copy…