Books online for Power BI

The Microsoft Office website now has some books online resources for Power BI. Power BI Getting Started Guide : Power BI Overview and learning Resources : The Data Management Experience : These will be a really valuable resource if you want to learn more about our new cloud-based BI offering.


Creating a New SharePoint Site in Office 365

I’ve commented before that the new SharePoint Online looks and feels very much like SharePoint Server 2010 on-premise. There are some places however where you see a slight difference. One of those is around creating a new site. As the Administrator of this Office 365 demo site, I see the Site Actions button in the…


Just Like SharePoint

Office 365 beta accounts seem to be like gold dust inside Microsoft. When, during a meeting about something different, a colleague realised I had access to the beta, she instantly demanded I show her what it looks like. So, once I’d found my log-in credentials (a long email address as a log-in is the one…


First Glance: Office 365

Sometimes, people get excited about strange things. Fortunately, I work in a technology role, so people are understanding when I start bouncing about the fact I’ve got a document from Office 365 opening on my phone. I got access to an Office 365 beta account yesterday and I’ve been playing around with the basics. My…