SharePoint Case Study

Salmon, a UK SharePoint Gold Partner have produced a case study of the solution they built for Endsleigh Insurance. This is a powerful web portal delivering a customised view to their customers and allowing Endsleigh to work with partner organisations. This solution has helped Endsleigh deliver a tailored experience to their customers while meeting regulations….


SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites

One of the licensing options for SharePoint, including MOSS 2007, is the For Internet Sites license, sometimes referred to as MOSS FIS. There are a fair number of sites out there built using MOSS 2007, including Spinebreakers, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, Endsleigh and Ferrari. While there are some good examples…


SharePoint on the Web

SharePoint is generally known as intranet software, a tool for enabling workplace collaboration or a method for producing company portals. It can also be used to produce internet-facing sites. This might seem a little puzzling to people who hear SharePoint and think of project sites and team collaboration. That seems a long way from the…