Displaying the month in an InfoPath form

Someone asked this question on a discussion list and I thought the answer was one that others might be interested in. What do you do if you want to set a field in an InfoPath form to show the month that the form is filled out? This can be done by using the today() function….


Advanced Copy

Yesterday, I received my advanced copy of the new edition of Designing Electronic Forms for SharePoint and InfoPath. This is a 1000 page book which does exactly what the title suggests. It’s a guide on how to use InfoPath to design electronic forms, both for SharePoint and the InfoPath client. The first part of the…


Custom Document Information Panel

This demo shows how to create and edit a custom Document Information Panel for SharePoint documents using InfoPath 2010. It also shows how to filter drop down lists so that a second list displays different values based on those selected in the first. [View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPFKuA8yW4E]


Making InfoPath talk to Visio

In a previous blog post, I talked about how to get two Visio diagrams to interact on a SharePoint page. Now I’m going to bring that discussion back round to my favourite Microsoft product. How can an InfoPath form talk to a Visio diagram? Visio is a great tool for drawing detailed diagrams, potentially surfacing live…


Form Conversion

One of the nice features of InfoPath is the ability to convert existing Word or Excel forms into InfoPath forms, potentially saving you a lot of time.  When you load up InfoPath Designer 2010, you are first presented with the options of all the form templates you can design. One is labelled Convert Existing Form….


Workflow initiation forms

With the 2010 version, a lot of work has been done to tighten up the integration between SharePoint and InfoPath. One example of this is workflow initiation forms. One of the things you can now do with SharePoint 2010 is create reusable SharePoint Designer workflows that aren’t attached to a specific document library or list….


InfoPath 2010 Introduction Part 2: Rules Management

Second in my series of demos introducing InfoPath 2010 and some of the new features. This demo shows some of the different ways you can add and manage rules to a form template. It shows quick rules, the rules management pane and copying rules, as well as some of the different formating and action rules.


Sandbox Code and InfoPath

InfoPath allows you to create forms with very sophisticated logic. Some of this can be done using the out of the box features and formulae but there is always the option to write custom code. I would not recommend using InfoPath if vast amounts of custom code are required (if you’re going to write lots…