First Glance: Office 365

Sometimes, people get excited about strange things. Fortunately, I work in a technology role, so people are understanding when I start bouncing about the fact I’ve got a document from Office 365 opening on my phone. I got access to an Office 365 beta account yesterday and I’ve been playing around with the basics. My…


Office Mini 7: Mail Tips

This video continues my Office Mini demo series with a look at a new feature of Outlook 2010: mail tips [View:] If you have any suggestions for features to include in this series, please leave me a comment.


ECAL Suite LiveMeeting for Partners

If you work for a Microsoft Partner and are confused what exactly the CAL Suites are and why people might want the ECAL Suite, this might be for you. Some of my colleagues at Microsoft have produced this webcast to increase partner understanding of the suites. A standard CAL is a base license that provices…