How to Pitch Webinars

Ever wondered how to position different parts of the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack? We have a range of different tools that can be applied in a range of different situations for a range of different purposes. In this webcast series, I will be describing how to position and sell the various key elements of the…


BI Bites 6: Excel Dashboards

This video continues my series of bite sized Business Intelligence demos. In this demo, I show how to create a dashboard in SharePoint 2010 to display parts of an Excel workbook. [View:]


BI Bites 5: Publish to Excel Services

This video continues my series of demos showing the Microsoft BI offering in bite sized chunks. In this video, I show how to publish items in an Excel workbook to Excel Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.  [View:]


InfoPath and Excel Services

Given that I spent a ridiculously long time trying to get an InfoPath form to interact with a spreadsheet published through Excel Services, I thought this was a suitable subject for a blog post. If I stop someone else feeling like they want to beat themselves to death with their own keyboard, I will consider…