Reusable no-code workflows

There are several short-comings with designing workflows in the current version of SharePoint Designer (but there’s always Visual Studio and some excellent third-party tools to combat those short-comings). One of the problems with SharePoint Designer workflows for MOSS 2007 is that you can’t reuse them. If I were to design a workflow on a document…


Scenario: Stock Ordering

Another simple scenario where SharePoint and InfoPath can work together to make life easier. A SharePoint dashboard which monitors stock levels is linked to an InfoPath form for ordering new stock, which kicks of a workflow to get the prodcuts delivered.


Scenario: Holiday Requests

This is a short demo showing a potential scenario for InfoPath and SharePoint workflows improving common processes. In this demo, an employee requests holiday, their manager reviews and approves the request, and then the holiday is added to a SharePoint team calendar.


Generating a unique form number – a SharePoint counter

I’ve had a request to expand on my post about generating automatic numbers for InfoPath forms. I was asked to go into more detail about how to set up a SharePoint list to act as a counter. Go to the SharePoint site where you have your document library and create a custom list by the…


Generating a unique form number

I’ve had someone ask me about automatically giving InfoPath forms a unique number. The scenario in question was one where the forms were being saved to a SharePoint document library with a unique number attached. Documents in a SharePoint library do get given an ID, which is unique within document library. This can be used…


The phases of technology use

I’d like to make a sweeping generalisation about how people react to technology. Disregarding for the moment the variations and exceptions, I believe that people go through four phases. Phase 1: What the heck do I do with it? Phase 2: Wow! That’s amazing! Phase 3: There’s this one little annoying thing… Phase 4: I…


How to: Hide a Section

Continuing my series of “how to” videos, I show how to use conditional formatting to hide or show a section based on the values entered elsewhere in a form. Conditional formatting can be incredibly valuable when you’re creating a long, complex form where people might need to fill out different parts depending on the circumstances. By…


InfoPath in the Real World – Commitments

This is my second post about real-world implementations of InfoPath. Again, I’m sticking close to home. Microsoft have certain processes around employee commitments. At the start of the year, we have meetings with our managers to come up with various commitments and ways to measure whether we’re achieving them. Half-way through the year, we have…


SharePoint for Business Processes

Continuing my series of short introductions to how SharePoint can be used to solve various business problems. This video touches on custom and out of the box workflows, as well as browser-enabled InfoPath forms.


InfoPath Introduction Part 4

In this part of my introductory series, I will show how InfoPath can be used with SharePoint or Forms Server to provide forms through the internet browser.