InfoPath Introduction Part 3

Continuing my series of introductory demos, this video shows some of the different submit options built in to InfoPath 2007, including email and SharePoint document libraries. The data connection wizard makes it extremely easy to set up these options so that the information entered in a form gets to where it’s meant to be.  


InfoPath Introduction Part 2

Continuing my series of InfoPath demos. This video shows how quick and easy it is to create an InfoPath form with rich functionality – without needing to use code.  This is not a guide on how you should build forms, but an example of what can be done.  


SharePoint Training Days

I will be running two SharePoint training sessions for partners during March on the 18th and the 30th at the UK campus in Reading. These will be introductory and overview sessions intended to cover the whole of the SharePoint platform and give a good understanding of SharePoint’s capabilities and value. They are not going to…


InfoPath Introduction Part 1

The first in a series of video demos introducing the capabilities of InfoPath 2007. This video shows an example of a form to give an idea of some of the rich functionality offered by InfoPath.  


InfoPath Partner Training

I am going to be running training on InfoPath at Microsoft’s UK Campus in Reading. This course is called Business Benefits of using InfoPath in Forms Development. The training is aimed at partners and intended to give a detailed overview of the business value and functionality of InfoPath 2007 and Forms Services. I do not…


SharePoint and Forms and Languages! Oh my!

I had a conversation with a partner who wanted to implement forms in SharePoint (actually, he was wondering about using SharePoint’s survey features but came to the conclusion that Forms Services was better suited to the task). The difficulty was that the SharePoint solution in question would be deployed in multiple countries in several different…


Why I love InfoPath

The best way to explain why I love InfoPath and InfoPath Forms Services is to explain why I hate other incarnations of forms. When I was a student, I spent the summer holidays doing temp jobs so that I had money for the rest of the year. Temp jobs are generally not all that exciting…


What will it cost me?

I like browsing gadget shops. I enjoy looking round at shelves filled with shiny things, usually with flashing lights or fun noises. Everything is fun and techy and sparkly. The thing is, I can’t think of anything I’ve ever bought from those shops. That’s because fun and shiny tends to add a lot more to…


Check-out and edit in SharePoint document libraries

When I’m asked a question by a partner and feel that the answer is likely to benefit more people, I shall write a blog post about it. The question in this case was regarding checking out documents from a SharePoint document library and editing documents, and why check-out and editing aren’t the same thing. By…


SharePoint Business Process Management: I Choose You!

The title for this post and the inspiration for the cartoon come from a joke that was made during my first couple of weeks at Microsoft. I joined Microsoft as a Partner Technology Specialist, with my area of speciality being SharePoint, with a focus on its Business Process Management capabilities. A conversation about my new…