Books online for Power BI

The Microsoft Office website now has some books online resources for Power BI. Power BI Getting Started Guide : Power BI Overview and learning Resources : The Data Management Experience : These will be a really valuable resource if you want to learn more about our new cloud-based BI offering.


Business Intelligence Sales Specialist Training

On Monday 15th April in Thames Valley Park, we are running another Sales Specialist Training day for BI. The morning of this session focuses on the Microsoft BI stack and how to sell it, including the competitive landscape. Then attendees take the SSA exam. After lunch, the training continues with Selling to the CXO.  …


And now for something completely different

Some of you may know that I’ve written a couple of books. The first, Child of the Hive, is a sci-fi adventure set in near-future England. The second is the hugely exciting Designing Forms for SharePoint and InfoPath. I have written another sci-fi adventure, Omega Rising, and decided to self-publish. This means I’m paying for editing,…


SharePoint 2013 Snippet: SharePoint Designer Workflows

Happy New Year! Picking up where I left off last year, I’m going to talk about another change in SharePoint 2013 that I think is worth shouting about. This is one of those areas where I got disproportionally excited about a new feature: you can do a loop in a SharePoint Designer workflow. SharePoint Designer…