New SQL Server 2012 Demo now includes a demo machine for SQL Server 2012. This includes the Telco demo that was present in the BI X demo machine as well as new demos on SQL Server 2012 functionality. There's a set of demos on PowerPivot, including the auto sales demo which has been shown at various events and one on the food consumed on picnics. There's also a demo on the new Master Data Services functionality.

These demos have a distinctly BI flavour but the machine is configurable if you want to build some demos of your own.

This machine is available either hosted or as a download. Just be prepared to wait a long time for the download.

Comments (5)

  1. Jessica Meats says:

    Hi Lyndon. I didn't find that problem but the demo machine has since been removed and replaced with a Systems Center machine – possibly that one has the issue you've noticed.

  2. Jessica Meats says:

    Thanks, Derek. I've fixed it.

  3. Hi Jessica

    Quick note, results in 404 error, you need to go to

  4. Lyndon S says:

    Did you find that the zip file seemed to want 5 or so petabytes of hard disk storage when attempting to unzip the file?

    The machine requirements from that site seemed to indicate only 80-200 gig of hard drive space was needed

  5. NBP says:

    Does anyone know where you can download the Auto Sales sample data model alone, so it can be imported into a local instance of SQL Server 2012?!?

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