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If you're a Microsoft partner and you've tried to find training courses and online learning offered by us, you'll probably be familiar with the joys of the Partner Learning Center. The Partner Learning Center stores information on what sometimes feels like every training course ever offered to partners. It's therefore a wonderful resource. It's also, for obvious reasons, very tricky to figure out where to start. If you search for a common product name, such as SharePoint or SQL Server, you could get loads of results. Yes, you can filter the results so you're not looking at classroom courses taking place a thousand miles away, but it's still difficult to know where to start if you're learning a technology from scratch.

Introducing: Microsoft Learning Plans.

When you log into this website, you can build learning plans based on various factors. If you're trying to gain a competency, you can get a learning plan of technical training relating to that competency. Or you can choose a learning plan based on your role or a particular technology you're interested in.

The end result is a list of available resources and online courses (and links to exams and/or classroom courses). A lot of the material is actually on the Partner Learning Center, but this way you know where to start and can work through the available material in a sensible order.

If you're getting started with a piece of Microsoft technology, this website is a very valuable resource.

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  1. Mark Lawton, BT says:

    Hi Jess – thanks for the info – really useful.

    Where does this sit in relation to the mirosoft virtual academy?

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