Playing with Power View

I’ve been playing around with Power View (formerly codename Project Crescent). I started with a simple PowerPivot file I’d created to analyse the transactions of a small dog grooming salon (I wanted something different from the usual Contoso demos). It was a simple matter to publish this PowerPivot file to a PowerPivot gallery in SharePoint 2010.

With the file saved to the gallery, I could click on the new icon to create my report (my screenshot still calls it Crescent, since I’m using CTP3 code).

This gave me a blank canvas from which to start creating my interactive report. I could quickly and easily create rich visualisations, including charts which move based on a timeline, with just a few clicks.

It’s also possible to save this visualisations as various views, making it simple to jump to different data representations to present conclusions from the analysis.

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