SharePoint: The Bigger Picture

I'm organising an event in Microsoft's London office on 5th December. The name of the event is SharePoint: The Bigger Picture and the aim is to talk to partners who do some work with SharePoint but who aren't taking advantage of all the capabilities. We'll be talking about the range of high-end capabilities SharePoint can provide and the services opportunities involved for partners. The event should be an eye-opener to the potential value SharePoint can provide Microsoft partners.

We'll have in attendence representatives of SharePoint training partner Combined Knowledge in case attendees want to get skilled up in new areas. We'll also have a couple of established Gold partners speaking in case the attendee partners would prefer to go down a partnership route.

The event will be focused more on the business than the technical and will assume some prior experience with SharePoint.

If you're interested in finding out more, the registration details are here.

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  1. Tim Purcell says:

    Very informative event Jess.  Btw I hope Don(?) is ok now.

  2. hazik9999 says:


  3. hazik9999 says:


  4. ghwefqe says:
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