The BarCamp is drawing to the end of its first day.

I did a Windows Phone 7 presentation. I picked a small room on the grounds that most people at an event like this are iPhone or Android users. We had to move rooms to one about four times the size and there were still as many people standing around the edges of the room as actually sitting in the seats. This says some good things about either my presentation skills or the interest in the phone.

I've been to quite a few sessions. The one on British Sign Language was a lot of fun and Books for Freaks gave me some nice ideas for things to read (and an opportunity for a shameless plug of my novel). The wifi attacks session was both entertaining and terrifying. Watching Dom and Cristiano record a video of their podcast series was definitely worth the time for pure entertainment value, including the sarcasm sign. Stats porn had some nice visualisations and some pretty ways of viewing data.

At the moment, people are playing on Kinnect and the crew are setting up the bar.

In a little while, there will be the quiz. Then, undoubtedly, games of werewolf into the night.

All in all, a very good day.

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