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When I upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2007, I adapted quickly. There were a few days of confusion but within a week, I was more efficient using the new Ribbon UI. The problem came several weeks later when I wanted to use a macro in Excel. I found myself flicking through the ribbons failing to spot anything that looked like it might let me create a simple macro.

Eventually (with the help of the internet) I figured it out.

Now the ribbon is everywhere in Office. When I installed the beta of Office 2010, I tried out the redesigned InfoPath. As before, it took a couple of days of confusion and then I was more efficient and productive.

Then I wanted to set a rule to be called when the form opened. The rules interface has been completely redesigned in InfoPath 2010 and I was stumped. Eventually, I found it (in the data tab under Form Load) but only after considerable poking around. Another option, Convert Main Data Source, continued to elude me.

So I was very pleased to learn that the Microsoft Office website now has some Excel files available for download which tell you where to find commands in the new interface. These files are available for Outlook, Publisher, Access, Visio, OneNote, Project, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, PowerPoint, Excel, SharePoint Server and Word. They’re very clear so if you knew where to find a command in the previous version, you can find it easily in the 2010 version.

It turns out the reason I couldn’t find Convert Main Data Source is that the command has been renamed to Refresh Fields.

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