SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites

One of the licensing options for SharePoint, including MOSS 2007, is the For Internet Sites license, sometimes referred to as MOSS FIS. There are a fair number of sites out there built using MOSS 2007, including Spinebreakers, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, Endsleigh and Ferrari.

While there are some good examples of the great user experience that can be built on SharePoint, there are rather too many examples of SharePoint internet sites looking a bit too much like the out of the box team site template you’d get in an intranet solution.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 makes it much easier to customise the appearance of sites and to include Silverlight components, so creating web sites based on SharePoint technologies has just become easier. Even though we’re still in beta, there are some examples of sites built on SharePoint 2010. The most obvious example is but there’s also Brightstarr and Creative-SharePoint, put together by Microsoft Gold Partners.

If you are aware of any more SharePoint 2010 web sites, leave a comment with the url.

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  1. Additional SharePoint 2010 Sites says:…/Welcome_to_Western_Australia.aspx

    Found this while searching for examples of new SharePoint 2010 functionality.

  2. yash says:

    Thanks for posting about sharepoint. This is very useful information.


  3. MuzikDruid says:

    Please update broken link to referred site Creative-Sharepoint  –

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