More theme customisation

A lot of people, when they first get SharePoint, instantly want to make it not look like the out of the box SharePoint. In Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, there are a lot more themes to choose from.

When you create a team site, there is a “getting started” web part with some useful links, including one for changing the site theme. Click on this link and you get taken to a long list of the out of the box themes, with a nice display to let you know what you’re getting. Below this in the settings page, is a section for customising the theme. If you want, you can use the out of the box theme except for one or two colours which you set yourself. Similarly, you can change the font of headings or body text with just the click of a button. You don’t have to go into SharePoint Designer or create new style sheets.

There is also a little preview button, so you can check what you’re getting before you make up your mind.

As well as this, it’s now much easier to change the logo associated with a site or site collection. When you edit a site, you get given the option to choose a logo. It takes just a few seconds to put a new logo on your site and its subsites.

If you buy MOSS 2007 with Software Assurance now, you’ll get the upgrade rights to 2010 when it’s released. There’s no better time to buy!

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