Out of the box workflow customisation

MOSS 2007 came with a few out of the box workflows to do tasks which are common in a huge range of organisations. One of these was the approval workflow, provided out of the box because the majority of companies have an approval procedure of some form. This is a very easy to use workflow that can be run on any content type allowing someone to approve or reject a document for publication. The problem was that no two companies do business in exactly the same way.

The out of the box approval workflow is very generic. Companies that wanted something slightly different would have to recreate the entire thing. With Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, you have the ability to use the out of the box workflows as a template and customise them to get the precise workflow needed for your company policies. These changes can be made quite simply in SharePoint Designer 2010 with no need for custom code.

You can now make the out of the box workflows adapt to your needs without any coding and without having to start from scratch.

If you buy MOSS 2007 with Software Assurance now, you’ll get the upgrade rights to 2010 when it’s released. There’s no better time to buy!

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  1. ascubf says:

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