Books online for Power BI

The Microsoft Office website now has some books online resources for Power BI. Power BI Getting Started Guide : Power BI Overview and learning Resources : The Data Management Experience : These will be a really valuable resource if you want to learn more about our new cloud-based BI offering.


Business Intelligence Sales Specialist Training

On Monday 15th April in Thames Valley Park, we are running another Sales Specialist Training day for BI. The morning of this session focuses on the Microsoft BI stack and how to sell it, including the competitive landscape. Then attendees take the SSA exam. After lunch, the training continues with Selling to the CXO.  …


And now for something completely different

Some of you may know that I’ve written a couple of books. The first, Child of the Hive, is a sci-fi adventure set in near-future England. The second is the hugely exciting Designing Forms for SharePoint and InfoPath. I have written another sci-fi adventure, Omega Rising, and decided to self-publish. This means I’m paying for editing,…


SharePoint 2013 Snippet: SharePoint Designer Workflows

Happy New Year! Picking up where I left off last year, I’m going to talk about another change in SharePoint 2013 that I think is worth shouting about. This is one of those areas where I got disproportionally excited about a new feature: you can do a loop in a SharePoint Designer workflow. SharePoint Designer…


SharePoint 2013 Snippet: Content Search Web Part

The Content Search Web Part is a new web part in SharePoint 2013 that lets you bring together data from across SharePoint into a single view. For example, you might have a page on your intranet for engagements with a particular customer. You can use the Content Search Web Part to find any document that…


SharePoint 2013 Snippet: Machine Translation Services

SharePoint 2013 brings in Machine Translation Services, which provides automatic content translation or packages up content in a standard format for human translation. For the automated translation, it uses a cloud-based translation service, sending content to the web to a Microsoft translation service and then bringing back the translated material. If you have to follow…


SharePoint 2013 Snippet: User License Enforcement

In MOSS 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010, it’s technically possible to set up an environment so that some users have the SharePoint Standard CAL and some users have the Enterprise CAL. Note the word “technically.” In order to get it to work and be compliant, you have to be extremely careful about how you structure…


SharePoint 2013 Snippets: Access Services

Access Services is an interesting topic in the 2013 context. When this was described to me, my first reaction was, “but we could do that in 2010.” Then you scratch the surface and discover that everything has changed under the hood. The point of Access Services is to take an Access database and put it…


SharePoint 2013 Snippets: Shredded Storage

I’ve been spending this week learning about SharePoint 2013 on the Ignite training. Partly in an effort to get this knowledge to stick in my brain, I’m going to be writing a series of blog posts on some of the topics covered that struck me as particularly interesting or significant. This is by no means…


SharePoint on Azure whitepaper

I’ve touched on this topic before but it’s worth another mention because there’s been a recent white paper on the subject. The whitepaper talks about how to deploy SharePoint Server on Windows Azure Virtual Machines. It starts with a clear and concise summary of the cloud offerings as they relate to Azure and then goes…