Last Post

Today was my last “normal” day at Microsoft. (That’s with a grain of salt – an exceptional company has few normal days). Tomorrow I just have the exit interview early and then I will be unemployed for a few days. I wonder when I am officially not an employee any more? In case you had…


Yet another change of plan – TechEd Japan

Today the plans for what I am doing before I leave changed, again, but not as drastically as last time. It turns out that I am going to TechEd Japan after all. I will be delivering the “Is That App Really Safe” and “Baking Security Into The Development Lifecycle” presentations. I am really looking forward…


I Got A New Blog!

Some of Microsoft’s amazing Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) made me a blog on a new site they call I can’t thank Susan, Nick, Vlad, Chad, and Wayne enough. You guys are truly special and exemplify all the best things about the MVP program. Until I leave Microsoft on September 1 content generation on the…


Yes, it is unfortunately true

I have unfortunately been prevented from speaking at TechEd in New Zealand, Australia, and Japan; the final events I was planning to speak at before I leave Microsoft on September 1. I cannot express how terrible I feel about this. The hope was that these events were supposed to be an opportunity to celebrate the past and the…


Intel Centrino Driver Vulnerability

Last week a new security problem was announced in the Intel Centrino wireless drivers. It appears to affect the 2200BG and 2915ABG wireless hardware. These are extremely common components that are shipped in many laptops. You would do well to check whether yours or the ones you support have this hardware. The easiest way to…


Free Windows Software

Blake Handler sent me a link to his blog post about free Windows software a couple of days ago. It is a very cool list that shows a lot of free things published by Microsoft. Check it out at:!70F64BC910C9F7F3!1231.entry?_c=BlogPart. Note that for some reason the Live blogs put you at the bottom of the…


All good things must come to an end

This is an excerpt from a mail I sent out internally today: The sands of time seem finally to have run their course. On September 1 I will not only celebrate the 5-year anniversary of my time here at Microsoft but also my departure from the company. On September 5 I start a new job…


How LMCompatibilityLevel really works

A while ago I once again got frustrated by LMCompatibilityLevel and the amount of confusion that is out there about it. There was also an intriguing thing in the SAMBA documentation that they (incorrectly) called “NTLM2 Session Response” that needed figured out. The results are in the latest issue of TechNet Magazine. One additional thing…


Required Attributes of Security Solutions

I’ve been trying to come up with a list of attributes that a security solution needs to have to be complete and sufficient. The idea is to develop a set of attributes that can be used when analyzing security to see if it fulfills the needs of the situation. Obviously, risk management is the most…


Microsoft Purchases Winternals

In a very interesting twist Microsoft today announced the acquisition of Winternals and Sysinternals. This is really interesting news and I am glad to see Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell getting to have more of an impact on the Windows product.