Resources from U.S. Security Summits

Many of the attendees from the recently concluded Security Summit series in the U.S. have been asking for the slides. Since we will be doing web casts of the presentations we are not making the slides availble. What many people want though are simply the resources listed in the slides. To attempt to achieve at least some level of satisfaction with this dillemma I thought I would put all the resources in a blog post. Here are the ones from my sessions:

Windows Vista Security Keynote

  • Windows Vista TechNet Site

  • There are a number of Windows Vista web casts available on that site, including one by Austin Wilson which presents much of the same material I presented

Incident Response

Server and Domain Isolation

There are several webcasts that are already up. Here they are:

I may as well point out that there are also lots of web casts from TechEd US 2006. Those are of course unrelated to the security summits, but may still be of interest. I have one in there on Windows Vista from this year and a couple of older ones.

Again, I really apologize for not being able to send out the presentations.

Comments (3)

  1. Porter Langley says:


    Thanks for puting these resources out there for us.  I caught your keynote and your incident handling workshop at the Microsoft Security Matters Conference in Novi, MI.  You were by far the most entertaining speaker in the building, it was an excellent keynote.

    From the resources setup here I was able to put together a nice presentation for my peers about new Vista security features.

    I look forward to reading more on your blog.

  2. Eric Eskam says:

    Jesper –

    Great list of resources, thanks!

    It seems that more people are getting the message about passwords:

    Now if we can just get companies and programmers to support longer length passwords!

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