Upcoming engagements

The schedule for Spring 2006 is in full swing. Just in case anyone is interested in meeting up with me somewhere in the world (or has some new gig they think I should go to) I thought it makes sense to post my schedule here.

  • February 6 and 7 - Albuquerque, NM for a training course. Yes, I need training too
  • February 13 and 14 - Delivering a tech talk at UT Austin
  • February 20 - Chicago for a customer meeting
  • February 27 - March 3 - London (and environs) for the CISO summit and a set of customer meetings
  • March 2 - IT Pro Conference in Paris
  • March 6 - 15 - Australian Security Summits - Yes, it is true! My favorite Microsoft Subsidiary is organizing a new set of security summits. Here is the detailed schedule

    • March 7 - Sydney community event at the Microsoft Office, 1 Epping Road, North Ryde
    • March 8 - Sydney summit at Sofitel Wentworth.
    • March 9 - Community event in Canberra at the Rydges Eagle Hack Resort. What's the best thing about Canberra? The road to Sydney! Closely matched by the fact that the Aussies buried their legislators alive
    • March 10 - Summit in Canberra at the National Museum of Australia
    • March 11 and 12 - scuba diving in Perth, or somewhere around there, maybe interspersed with a visit to the Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle
    • March 13 - Community event in Perth at the Perth Town Hall
    • March 14 - Security Summit in Perth at the Hyatt Regency

  • March 16 - 18 - Not to be outdone by their neighbors on the West Island, the Kiwis are also doing a security summit, in Auckland, on the 17th.
  • March 27 -30 - Reykjavik, Iceland for Rocked 2006
  • April 10-14 - Vacation
  • April 25 - Security Summit in Dallas at the Convention Center
  • May 9 - 10 - Federal Security Summit West in Redmond, Washington.
  • May 17 - 25 - AusCERT 2006  in Gold Coast. I will be presenting on app safety. 
  • May 29 - Security Summit in Berlin, Germany
  • May 30 - TechNet event in Hamburg, Germany
  • May 31 - June 1 - Security summits in Sweden
  • June 6-7 - Conference in Oslo, Norway
  • June 8 - Meetings in Stuttgart, Germany
  • June 14 - 15 - TechEd North America in Boston, MA (yes, I know it is just called "TechEd" but don't you agree that's a bit conceited since there are 21 other events across the world?). This is the biggest event of the year for us, and it will probably sell out in April this year. Make sure you register early!
  • June 26 - Security Summit in Detroit at the Rock Financial Showplace, the Diamond center

Comments (9)

  1. Michael Angelo says:

    What airline do you use? I think its stock might be going up.

    ps. How goes things.

  2. grant says:

    Does this mean you’re not coming to Melbourne on the 6th?  🙁

  3. Sorry Grant, no I can’t. I’ll be in Brisbane that day. Steve is going to Melbourne.

    I just got confirmation on AusCERT though, so I will be going to that in May. Of course, that’s in Goldie, not really all that close to Melbourne.

  4. Jen says:

    You’re going to Boston?  And yes folks, I have to check his blog to find out where he is, just like the rest of you 🙂

  5. Þórir Iceland says:

    March 27 -30 – Reykjavik, Iceland for Rocked 2006

    that is nice, must mark my calendar 🙂

  6. Alun Jones says:

    Hey, I told my wife that I was going to Boston – what’s wrong with you, Jesper? 🙂

  7. Dan Halford says:

    Damn, they let you have a vacation?

  8. Yuri says:

    Security Summit West – Hey Jesper, on your blog it says that you are doing the Summit West May 10-11th. The site says the event is from May 9th-10th. Is this an error by any chance?

  9. Yuri, yes, probably an error on my part. When I originally wrote this post, way back in February, the dates may have been tentative. I’ll fix it.

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