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It appears I will be at TechEd in Boston this year after all. There are precious few sessions going around. Attendees have voiced a desire to hear more external speakers so the MS people are getting fewer sessions this year. Steve Riley (henceforth known as "that slimebag" ) managed somehow to get three, but I only got two.

At any rate, I will deliver the Is That Application Really Safe and Windows Vista Security Tidbits presentations.

The former presentation is around half a dozen demos of ways IT admins can evaluate whether software they have purchased is blatantly unsafe to deploy. It is a take-off of chapter 14 in PYWN. It is a really fun presentation to deliver and hopefully you will enjoy seeing it too.

The Windows Vista presentation goes through a lot of the small, but significant security changes we are making in Windows Vista, such as new accounts, changed defaults, added security settings, and so on. There are many of these, and the goal of this presentation is to present those that you will not find in any of the other presentations that discuss the larger new features in Vista, such as Bitlocker and the Service Hardening.

I do have one request: the Is That Application Really Safe presentation, among other things, includes a demo of how to spot SQL Injection bugs. Currently it is based on SQL 2000, since that is still what most people are running. I was considering changing it and using SQL 2005, but have not done so yet. If you really have strong feelings one way or the other, click the "Email" link at the top of the blog and send me a note. If you have other ideas on things you want to see, send me those as well. That presentation is constantly evolving anyway.

It is likely that I will do a panel discussion or two as well, but other than that most of the week will be spent in the security cabana. Hanging out there talking to people about security is honestly my favorite part of the event!

TechEd will almost certainly sell out this year too. Last year it sold out by the end of April, so registering early is highly recommended! There is a 10% discount until April 14!

Comments (5)

  1. Laura E. Hunter, MVP (Windows Server: Networking) says:

    Yay!  I’m glad that both you and Steve will be there this year – I’ll be spending most of my week in the Server Infrastructure Cabana, so I’ll stop by to say hello.

  2. Debbie Hill says:

    Great news!  I think the presentations by you and Steve are the best at Tech-Ed.  This is no small accomplishment given the high quality of speakers that Microsoft recruits.  You and Steve  make the event a "must do" for me. I hope the Tech-Ed planners do not even consider excluding you in future events.  

  3. mike says:

    "Attendees have voiced a desire to hear more external speakers"  Really?  I don’t recall seeing any surveys from Microsoft about this, and this certainly isn’t something I want to happen.  I’ve attended TechEd for a number of years now, and I’d certainly be disappointed if favourite speakers started getting dropped from the schedules in the favour of external speakers, especially if external speakers translates to "external companies who really want to sell me their products".  I attend TechEd to hear Microsoft people talk about their products, and in my opinion this is something that TechEd does really well.  It would be a shame to see it polluted by external marketing.

  4. Jesper, that just means 10s on your speaker evals will go that much father against Steve’s since he needs to average over three sessions 🙂

  5. A Compatriot? says:

    I do not think I have attended any of your sessions at Tech Ed yet, but I will maybe attend one in Boston in June 2006. My favourite presenters from MEC and Tech Ed are (this far) Paul Bowden, Kieran McCorry and your colleague, Steve. They are very knowledgeable (including practical experience of the solutions they talk about), can admit problems with Microsoft solutions (no vendor solution is perfect so I prefer knowing about the associated problems before implementing them) and are (very) entertaining.

    I partly agree with Mike´s comments on including more external speakers at this year´s Tech Ed. I certainly hope this is not for external marketing purposes. Some external speakers, like Kieran McCorry from HP, usually knows at least as much about Microsoft solutions as Microsoft staff and can tell much more about practical experiences from customer implementations carried out by HP. Knowledgeable and practically experienced presenters like that are very valuable at Tech Ed conferences.

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