Ready! Set! Go…patch your stuff!!!

OK, you have probably seen it, but the official update for the WMF vulnerability was just posted! The bulletin is titled MS06-001. The updates are on Windows Update, as well as on the download center. Links to the Download Center updates are in the bulletin.

Go patch your stuff!

Comments (5)

  1. Alun Jones says:

    Yay! It’s finally safe to surf for porn again!

  2. Phil Jackson says:

    Thanks Jesper for keeping us updated

  3. n0one says:

    Really Alun, I’m look for more of a proactive (**) process as oppossed to a reactive (*) one.

    (*)quick, our network has been taken over by a virus, now what do we buy to clean it up and prevent that particular virus from happening again; lather, rinse, repeat

    (**)this product is designed to protect against an attack that probably hasn’t happened to us yet – while we have the time to make a reasoned decision, is it worth buying this?

  4. Alun Jones says:

    Okay… proactive processes… let’s see.

    Apparently, you don’t feel "install patches when they are available and before you get infected" is sufficiently proactive.

    How about "block at the firewall all file types that don’t match those you need to transact business", or "restrict your surfing to sites you feel you can trust", maybe even "if it says it’s a GIF, but it starts with a WMF header, don’t open it". Okay, that last is a little tricky to achieve just now – but an antivirus may exist that does that.

    (for those missing the reference n00ne is calling out, go see Steve Riley’s blog,, which I’m also stalking in my un-busy time)

  5. n0one says:

    That’s the thing about smartass comments, they only have to make sense in the short term.

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