First post – Where am I?

Given the amount of travel I do I thought it made sense to make the first post a schedule of where I will be. If you are interested in meeting with me while I am in one of these places, send me a message and I'll see what we can do. I'll try to keep this schedule up to date as it changes.

  • August 21-26 – TechEd Asia in Singapore
  • August 27-31 – TechEd New Zealand
  • August 31-September 6 – TechEd Australia
  • September 22-25 – TechEd China in Beijing
  • September 26-30 – TechEd Taiwan in Taipei
  • October 1-7 – TechEd Hong Kong
  • October 12-13 – German academic conference in Darmstadt
  • October 14 – Serbian security event in Belgrade
  • October 17 - Customer meetings in London
  • October 18-19 - Conference in Munich 
  • October 21-27 – TechEd South Africa, Sun City
  • October 31-Nov. 2 - ISSA Conference, Raleigh 
  • November 3-4 Customer meetings in Minneapolis
  • November 14-18 – IT Forum in Barcelona
  • November 28 – December 2 – Swedish security summit and customer meetings, Stockholm
  • December 5 – 31 – Vacation (or so the original plan went)
  • December 13-14 – Security Summit East in Washington DC

If you have any requests for further travel between now and January, please mailto:/dev/null

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jesper, who seems to live on planes at the moment, has blogged about how to make your Powerpoint presentations…

  2. Kieran Jacobsen says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in AUS!

  3. Alan Ng says:

    Greetings from Singapore Tech.Ed Asia 2005 attendee 🙂

    Even bought your book !!!

  4. Rocky says:

    Welcome to the Blogsphere Jesper. Glad to see you finally caved in to the gentle persuasion. Look forward to catching up with you in Australia.

  5. Peter Sheldon says:

    With this much travel, how do you get time to enjoy that yacht that you spent so much time writing a book to pay for?

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