Exchange Online Fiddler Extension 1.0.60

The Exchange Online Fiddler Extension (EXO Fiddler Extension) version 1.0.60 is now available for download:

This version adds significant functionality in the authentication space.

  • An authentication column has been added giving key information on which sessions contain authentication headers / data.
  • An 'Office365 Auth' inspector tab has been added showing more detailed information on authentication.
  • SAML response parser in the 'Office365 Auth' tab. See the SAML responses, see the signing certificate.

Screenshots showing what this release brings.

New Authentication column:

'Office365 Auth' inspector tab, generally you will see this view apart from...

...when you highlight a SAML request/response session. Then you will see the below where you can confirm SAML token issuer, responses which include the UserPrincipalName and ImmutableID, and open the signing certificate.

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