Run OffCAT via scripted command line without installing on target computer

What if Microsoft support asks you to run an OffCAT scan against a remote computer? You will need to install the application and run the scan. Perhaps you may not be able to install additional software such as in terminal server / Citrix environments.

This script can run an OffCAT scan using some Powershell and the OffCAT command line based options to run the scan without installing the application on the target computer.

To use the script you will need:

  • OffCAT installed and updated on your own computer.
  • The UNC path to the files on your computer. So something like \\SUPPORTPC1\c$\users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OffCAT\
  • Another UNC path to store OffCAT scans.

Once you have the above save the script file into your \\SUPPORTPC1\c$\users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OffCAT\ folder and edit with the approproate information.

Look for the 'CHANGE ME - SETTINGS' section, specifically for areas where you see the keyword 'CHANGEME'.

Remote onto the target computer and run the Powershell script. Other than having the right Execution policy (Get-ExecutionPolicy / Set-ExecutionPolicy) you should find the process runs through and drops the OffCAT scans into your network share.


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