Introducing the Exchange Online Fiddler Extension

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Troubleshooting Users: Script to pull all user data

I have worked a number of support cases where this script has been useful for pulling just about any data available from a user object. Ideally you will want to run this from a PowerShell window connected to both Microsoft Online and Exchange Online PowerShell modules. This script prompts for the User Principal Name of…


Troubleshooting Retention: Script to pull user policy and tags

I have worked a number of support cases where this script has been useful for pulling the retention policy, tags and all associated information to determine how the retention policies have been configured for a given user by their Office 365 administrator. See for the script description and to download.


Fiddler capturing and decrypting traffic on a different network

Having recently worked through a number of Exchange ActiveSync support cases it was necessary to setup a Fiddler proxy on a different network than the mobile device I was testing with. In my working scenario I setup a Windows client hosted as an Azure hosted virtual machine with Fiddler installed on an internet accessible IP…


Office 365 Dynamic Distribution Groups Filtered by On-Premise Organization Unit (OU).

I have been asked a number of times if it is possible to create Dynamic Distribution Groups in Office 365 filtered by the On-Premise Organization Unit (OU). I recently discovered a method to achieve this with some collaboration with a couple of colleagues. Essentially we need to create an inbound synchronization rule in AADConnect to…


Exchange Online Cross Tenant Calendar Free/Busy Availability Information

I was recently asked how to enable cross tenant calendar lookup, for arranging meetings, where two organizations are running their email services in Exchange Online. This happened to be something I had not thought about before, however in a company merger situation this would be an invaluable tool. Fortunately within Exchange Online the building blocks…


Hybrid Configuration Wizard – DataStrings.InvalidSmtpDomainName(domain) error connecting to On-Premise Exchange

I recently ran into an issue with a customer who was running the new Hybrid Configuration Wizard (, where the tool was unable to connect to the Exchange On-Premise environment, with the error DataStrings.InvalidSmtpDomainName(domain). The underlining cause was configuration data remaining from a decommissioned Exchange server, within the Exchange configuration in Active Directory. Once this configuration was…