Demo Queries from CQM presentations at Lync Conference 2014

At the Lync Conference 2014 in Las Vegas Andrew and I talked about Call Quality Methodology (CQM) in two sessions. In the session on the CQM queries I used 2 SQL Queries to show streams coming from a subnet and from a given user. I've attached the queries to this post. The queries are based on the 2013 QoE schema.

Demo9.1 - Individual Streams from a Subnet

Change the time period and the subnet you are interested using the x.x.x.x notation.

Demo9.2 - Individual Streams From a URI

Change the time period. Set the variable @lyncUser1 to the SIP address of the user you are interested in with sip: prefixed. The query use @lyncUser1 as the caller. I've kep the variable @lyncUser2 to hold the SIP address of a second user in case you want to look at streams between two users. If so add and CalleeUser.URI = (@lyncUser2) to the query.

Lync Conference CQM Demo

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