What does the status reported by Get-CsBackupServiceStatus mean?

The Lync Server Backup Service is a new service in Lync 2013 Server used to support disaster recovery (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj205293(v=ocs.15).aspx.

The Lync Server Backup Service supports two categories of data (UserData and CMS), which it will copy between paired pools to keep them synchronized. The implementation use three modules: UserServices.PresenceFocus, ConfServices.DataConf and CentralMgmt.CMSMaster. The modules can operate both in Import or Export mode. The Lync Server Backup Service collects the changes into batches before copying it to the paired pool. The Backup Service is only active on one of the front ends in a pool.

In order to see detailed status from the Lync Server Backup Service use the following cmdlets:

  • $BackupStatus = Get-CsBackupServiceStatus –PoolFqdn <pool fqdn>
  • $BackupStatus.BackupModules

This will produce output like below:

Identity                    ExportStatus    ImportStatus

--------                    ------------    ------------

UserServices.PresenceFocus  FinalState      NormalState

ConfServices.DataConf       FinalState      NormalState

CentralMgmt.CMSMaster       NotInitialized  NormalState


The table below lists the meaning of Export and Import Status. Please note that the output above is for a pool, which is not the active CMS master. That is why the ExportStatus for CentralMgmt.CMSMaster is NotInitialized.

Backup Type





Backup module has no more changes to back up, and all changes have been imported to backup pool



Backup module is able to back up all available changes in one batch. This means that generated changes can be backed up without a backlog



This state means that generated changes at this point is beyond the capacity of backup service and backlog will be generated



The status is not yet initialized. Usually it is the state before backup module starts the first export operation



Backup module is failed to back up new changes so the exact status (e.g. has change or not, etc.) is unknown due to the failure



Import operation is working well



Backup service is failed to import new changes

Comments (1)

  1. LMR says:

    So for the CentralMgmt.CMSMaster there's no FinalState status?

    Jens>For the pool with the active CMS the ExportStatus will be FinalState and ImportStatus will be NotInitialized. For the passive CMS the ExportStatus will be NotInitialized and the ImportStatus will be NormalState.

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