OCS Master alpha rotation – week 2

So this is Saturday afternoon and we are all still plucking away in the lab. Yes, the first sentence is the same as my previous post on OCS Master, since we are continuing the work in the lab. This week has been a bit less stress full than last week, since we have only been doing 11 hour days.

The week has focused on voice related topics such as Direct SIP/Dual Forking, advanced voice design, audio and video media stack deep dives, dial-in conferencing, devices, Exchange Unified Messaging integration, Response Groups, Attendant and Outside Voice.

We have had an excellent dial plan configuration lab, where we had to configure normalization rules, policies and routing inside our virtual company within the branch and the headquarter, between the branch and the headquarter and between the different companies. In addition we had to implement emergency number dialing for our branch and headquarter. All the 24 different pods were calling the same operator, so luckily no one were really in need of emergency services.

The afternoon is coming to an end and we can soon enjoy a day outside of the class room. Of course it won’t completely be a day off, since we’ll have to study for the second written exam Monday morning 🙂

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    As Per so amusingly noted I’m ‘Phone Boy’. That is to say that I am the PM that looks after the OCS Master

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