Why Server 2012 R2? – The Blog Series

Well, why not?  Join the Microsoft IT Pro Evangelists as they embark on another blog series hosted by Dan Stolts.  Check out Dan’s official landing page to learn about Active Directory Certificate Services, iSCSI Target Server, Scale-out File Server, Tiered Storage Spaces and more!  The series runs from now until Thanksgiving so check in with Dan…


Pieces of Azure!

For the next few weeks, I’m hoping to introduce some of the broader Azure concepts that are important to understand when planning to use Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service.  Check the posts as they become available! Cloud Services and VMs  Virtual Networks and DHCP Input Endpoints Affinity Groups and Availability Sets Azure DNS (live on 3/27!)


VMware or Microsoft? – The Complete Blog Series!

Check out the full list of blog posts in the VMware or Microsoft Blog Series! Series Introduction What is a “Purpose-Built Hypervisor? Simplified Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 Host Patching = Greater Security and More Uptime Reducing VMware Storage Costs WITH Windows Server 2012 Storage Spaces Does size really matter? Let’s talk certifications! Virtual Processor Scheduling…