Tips and tricks: troubleshooting Windows 10 Intune enrollment errors

My day job at Microsoft is to author Enterprise Mobility + Security cross-service usage scenarios. Of course, before I can write about them, I must configure the products & services and push the appropriate buttons to see what happens. This means I spend many hours leveraging various lab environments in Hyper-V and Azure learning what…


Enrolling Windows 10 PCs as mobile devices with Intune

Manage Win10 as a mobile device
Manage Win10 as a mobile device

If you read my previous blog post, then you have probably surmised by now that I’m not a big fan of managing Windows 10 PCs with Microsoft Intune as computers. Not everyone agrees with me though so if you still want to manage Win10 PCs as computers with Intune, go read my last blog post to…


Managing Windows 10 PCs with Intune

Microsoft Intune manages everything from iOS, Android, and Windows phone devices to Windows RT, Windows PCs, and even Mac OS X, but I’m going to kick off this  blog series to talk specifically about managing Windows 10 PCs. This might seem like a straightforward subject to be spending so much of my time blogging about, but bear…