New Linux additions..

We have just released some new Linux additions for Virtual Server 2005 R2.  Now we support the following distro’s. Enterprise Distributions: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 (Update 7) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 (Update 8) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 (Update 4) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0 SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.0 SuSE Linux Enterprise…


VRMCPlus Now Available!

So if you use Microsoft Virtual Server then I have a really cool tool called VRMCPlus.  It’s a new VM client display and management tool that allows you to manage your virtual machines running on Virtual Server without having to use the web interface.  Very Handy!  It was originally developed by Paul Despe and was…


New Virtualization Resources

We have just release some new resources for Virtualization.  Check them out below: Virtualization Calculator 2.0 – We released the original version of this in January 2007 but this updated version lest you interactively build virtual machines running multiple Microsoft Server products to estimate the licensing and costs for Windows Server by edition.  It starts…


Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 Released!

Hey there, Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 has been released to the web and provides some really nice enhancements and of course it’s a free download.  The new features include: Hardware assisted virtualization – We support both Intel VT and AMD-V scenarios. Support for greater than 64 virtual machines on x64 hosts. Virtual Server 2005…


Windows Server Virtualization: Public Demo Video

Hi folks, One of our program managers in the Windows Virtualization team has posted a really cool video on the new technologies coming with Windows Server Virtualization coming in Longhorn Server.  The demo consists of the following: Windows Server Virtualization on a Server Core instance being managed from another Windows Server Longhorn box. 64-bit and…


After all it’s a virtual world right?

A couple of my mates from Canada went to talk to Jeff Woolsey from the Virtualization team while we were all in Seattle recently about what is coming up with Server Virtualization in Longhorn Server. Check out the podcast here! Cheers, Jeffa


ISV Virtualization Summit

Hello folks, At the end of this month the APAC leg of the Microsoft ISV Virtualization Executive Summit will be coming to town.  The tour hits Sydney on March 5th and promises to be a great event for technical decision makers interested in our Virtualization strategy.  We have plenty of spots open so if you’re…


VHD Test Drive Program – A New Paradigm in Software Evaluation

Howdy folks, Would you like to evaluate Enterprise Software but don’t have the hardware to run it on?  Well we now have a program to address this issue.  Starting on November 6th 2006 you can now do quick evaluations of key Microsoft Enterprise software using the power of virtualization technology. These come as pre-configured VHD’s…


Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 TAP Program

We will be having a TAP program for Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1.   This TAP program has two goals: 1) Product Validation 2) Help customers deploy this product in production scenarios and get case studies.   The production scenarios that are of high interest are: 1) Production Server consolidation in datacenters 2) Disaster recovery…


Virtual Server 2005 R2 – Some new Stuff

Hi folks, With the release of Windows Server 2003 R2 there have also been some updates to Virtual Server 2005 R2.  Check it out! Virtual Server 2005 R2 VM Additions This download will update the VM Additions included with the original Virtual Server 2005 Release (13.206) to the version included with Virtual Server 2005…