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Today over on the OneDrive blog we have announced a new name for Skydrive!  If you already use SkyDrive then you don’t have to do anything.  Just head over to and sign-in.


However it’s not just a name change.  We are also announcing some nice new features with this update as well.  I’ve listed them below.

Camera backup for Android – We’ve offered auto upload of photos from Windows Phone and iOS to OneDrive for a while, and now our Android users can take advantage of the same functionality.

Video Transcoding – Sharing videos has historically been difficult because of the huge variety of video file formats and sizes. Real-time video transcoding converts video files into a viewable format and adapts their bitrate to your internet speed, so you and those you share with can view videos without waiting for them to buffer.

New Storage Options – Firstly, users have been able to buy storage in annual plans for a while, and we’re now offering the flexibility for them to buy in monthly increments if they want. Secondly, we’re offering ways to earn free storage. Users can get +3 GB for enabling camera backup, and +500 MB per friend they refer to OneDrive (up to 10 friends/5 GB). Added onto the base quota of 7 GB, this means users can get 15 GB perpetual storage for free.

Xbox Achievements – We’re offering a variety of achievements that Xbox One users can earn by using the app the view their photos and videos.

If you use a bunch of different devices everyday then OneDrive is the one place for all your photos, videos, documents.  Make sure you get it on all your devices and keep all your files safe! is the place to start.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i can confirm that skydrive/onedrive does not buffer adequately or scale down video quality for the internet connection. I have a very fast internet connection and youtube and other streaming sites play fine at 1080p.
    This happens on all devices, whether its my phone, xbox 360, xbox one, pc or mac.
    It seems skydive just isn’t built for streaming , i really hope they work on this.

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