Upcoming Windows Azure Conference Event


Want to learn more about Windows Azure?  Then check out the details of a community event being run next week.

You’re Invited!

Please join us for the Windows AzureConf community conference, which will be an event put on for the Windows Azure development community, by the Windows Azure developer community. This special event will be streamed live from Microsoft Redmond Campus Channel 9 Studios on November 14, 2012, and will feature 12 presentations put on by Windows Azure MVPs and Insiders, and will feature an opening keynote presentation by Scott Guthrie.

Event Details

The event is 100% free and open to the public. We do request that attendees register for the event. A registration page will be made available at http://windowsazureconf.net by October 22 so that attendees can begin registering to attend the event.

Windows AzureConf will be executed completely from the Channel 9 Studios at Microsoft Redmond. The day of the event, Channel 9 will have an events page with the sessions being streamed live. The sessions will also be recorded and made available on the Windows AzureConf event page for viewers to consume after the event.

What Am I Going to Learn?

Topics will cover virtually all aspects of the Windows Azure platform. We’re sure to have a few sessions focused on developing web sites using Windows Azure Web Sites, how to develop Windows 8 and mobile applications using Windows Azure Mobile Services, and a variety of opportunities for sessions covering other aspects of the development areas of Windows Azure. We’ll also be looking to our community members to put together a few sessions on the IaaS and VM offerings of Windows Azure, too, so there will be many opportunities for developers and IT guys to reap the benefits of learning from their peers. A list of sessions will be available on the Windows AzureConf site (http://windowsazureconf.net) by October 31.

Attendee Prerequisites

We ask that all attendees previously familiar with Windows Azure development to have their workstations ready to code along during the sessions should they see a session of interest and want to follow along with the coding. Ideally, all attendees will have at least a 90-day Windows Azure trial account or a fully paid account so they can deploy the session code to their own instances to continue learning by doing.

Social Media

As attendees are watching sessions, they may have questions for the session presenters. We’ll be facilitating question-and-answer opportunities using Twitter, so we will be watching the hashtag #AzureConf for any questions that come in. Please advise your community members to use this hashtag as they’re discussing the conference so that the hashtag becomes a familiar one for the Twitter audience. We’ll be pulling in questions using the #AzureConf hashtag, but will also be monitoring the #WindowsAzure hashtag to see if questions come through on that tag as well.


Should you have any questions about Windows AzureConf, please contact Brady Gaster from the Windows Azure Evangelism Team via email at bradyg@microsoft.com


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