Windows 8 Resources for IT Pro’s

Now that Windows 8 has been released you may be starting to think about how it’s going to fit into your business or enterprise.  Windows 8 is not your typical desktop refresh and is much more the a user interface change.  Built on the solid foundation of Windows 7; Windows 8 offers many new features focusing on end to end security; virtualization; recovery and new ways to deploy apps.  Below is a bunch of good resources to get you started.win8itpros

  1. Enterprise Evaluation – First up make sure you download the 90-day evaluation of Windows 8 Enterprise so you can test in you environments.
  2. Free Ebook – Windows 8: An Overview for IT Pro’s – Check out this preview Ebook that covers all the new features designed for business.
  3. Windows 8 IT Camps – For in depth hands on experience with Windows 8 make sure you attend an IT Camp.  We will be running these in Australia early in 2013 so make sure you watch out for those.
  4. Windows 8 Jump Start Series – If you haven’t got a lot of time then check out this series of fast paced online training courses designed to get you up to speed quickly.
  5. Windows 8 Demonstrations – Got even less time?  Then check out these demo’s on key technologies such as Bitlocker, Mobile Broadband, Secure Boot, Storage Spaces. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Windows 8 Deployment, Windows 8 Tablets for Business and Windows to Go.

For more make sure you check out the Windows 8 TechCenter which has all the resources you need to get started!  It’s certainly is an exciting time with lot’s of new stuff to keep us all busy.


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