New Server PosterPedia Windows 8 App Now Available!


Many of you know I’m a big fan of the various component architecture posters that have been going around for some time now.  We gave a bunch of these out at TechEd Australia this year and I recently did a blog post on the latest one.  To give you some background these posters were originally conceived by a mate of mine; Martin Mclean who used to work in the Microsoft Perth office.  He now works in the US at Microsoft and he still does the posters.

He has now taken this to the next level and developed an App for the Windows 8 store called Server Posterpedia.  It features posters from the Windows Server Product group as well as other content from the SharePoint, Exchange and Windows Azure content teams.  Martin partnered up with Brian Lich who is a senior technical writer in the Windows Team.  These guys did this in their spare time and is a fantastic way to get all the posters in one place!

If you are running Windows 8 already you can get the app from the Windows Store here:

If you are not running Windows 8 or your just curious about what the app does then check out the video the guys did on what the app does.



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