Is your Browser keeping you safe online?

Recently I’ve been running some IT Camps around the country and recently in Brisbane we got a bit off topic and started talking about browsers and what people are using.   Being a technical audience; a lot of folks use Firefox and Chrome with some Internet Explorer sprinkled in.  I of course was curious as to why and most said speed and security.  Well to me that was ironic because recently NSS Labs released two reports that show that Internet Explorer 9.0 protects against more than 99% of socially engineered malware attacks thanks to technology built in like SmartScreen and Application Reputation.  You can see from the graphic below how far ahead Internet Explorer is from the competition.


So I question where people are getting their facts from when it comes to browser security.  Anyway I’m sure you will let me know in the comments on this post so fire away! 

As you may also know I love a good Info graphic and the one below is a particularly good one when it comes to the browser version people are using.


These are big numbers which indicates people are not keeping their browsers up to date.  So to help folks check their current browsers security posture we have released a new website called: YourBrowserMatters.Org.  It’s a great resource if you want to check your current browser or increase your online security.  Make sure you check it out and see how your browser stacks up when it comes to security online.

The other reason for using a particular browser is speed which can often be a perception thing.  there are many studies out there testing speed of the different browsers on the market.  Recently the web performance management company New Relic released a study testing real world load times for common browsers and Internet Explorer came out on top against Google Chrome and Firefox.  And it IE 9.0 was half a second faster than both of those.  To see the entire study make sure you check out the blog post.

The bottom line is we care about performance and we’ve been focusing on that for some time now.  If you haven’t read this post on how we focus on real world web performance make sure you do.  It’s worth a read.  And check out this video from the Internet Explorer Engineering team.  And don’t forget to download IE9 at

Behind the Browser - IE9


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