Is Social Media ruining your mind?

As we all wind down for the holiday season maybe it’s time to step away from social media and talk to some real people.  According to AssistedLivingToday our average attention span in the last 10 years has dropped from 12 minutes to 5 seconds!  The infographic below goes into this in more detail.  Enjoy the…


Bing Maps and the launch of Jay-Z’s new book

This was just too cool not to share.  Very interesting indeed. Bing Advertising campaign Jeffa Technorati Tags: Bing,Techy and Cool


TechNet Magazine: December 2011 Edition Out Now!

The December 2011 edition of TechNet Magazine is out now and features heavily on Windows 7.  This is becoming a theme with the last couple of issues of the magazine which is good to see because it can be a daunting task just understanding all the tools currently available for deploying Windows 7.  Check out…


Microsoft Security Bulletin: December 2011 Release

This month we are releasing 13 security bulletins for new vulnerabilities.  Please see the details below and make sure you apply these in your environments where applicable.  I’ve provided more technical details below as well. What is the purpose of this alert? This alert is to provide you with an overview of the new security…


MAP Toolkit 6.5 Now Available for Download!

I recently blogged about the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 6.5 Beta being available.  Well the solution accelerator team has released this version now and it’s now available for download.  Over the next weeks I’m running IT Camps around Australia talking about Microsoft Virtualization and System Center.  The MAP Toolkit 6.5 is a great way…