TechNet Magazine: November 2011 Edition is out Now!

The November edition of TechNet Magazine is now out and focuses on Windows 7 deployment.  The day for Windows XP support is ee721042_Nov-11(en-us,TechNet_10)drawing closer so there is no better time than now to get user upgraded.  Check out some of the articles in this month’s issue.

  • Windows 7:  The Time is Now for Windows 7 – We all know Windows 8 has been grabbing a lot of attention.  But let’s not lose focus.  The value proposition in moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 is great and this article addresses that and some of the tools to help you get there.
  • Windows 7: Migrating to 64-Bit – I believe the time is now to make the move to 64-bit computing.  A migration to Windows 7 is the perfect opportunity to make that move.  this article goes into some detail on some things to consider in that process.
  • Windows PowerShell – Scripting Crash Course – Are you still nervous about Windows PowerShell?  I know many of you are getting more and more comfortable with it but this short crash course can help you get some quick tips.


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  1. Hi,

    Windows XP support lasts a few hundred days but you are right: Now it's the best time to get to Windows 7

    Peter Forster, Microsoft MVP 2002-2011

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