The Big Picture is Coming!


You’ve heard of our Tech.ed events that we hold annually around the world.  Well get ready for an entirely different type of event.  We’re calling it The Big Picture which is quite a change from what we’ve done in the past.  Please see all the details below and how you can register.

Experience technology, as you never have before.

To discover the technology advances that matter to your business right now, make sure you don't miss The Big Picture Experience. In this complimentary theme park of possibilities you'll experience six powerful real-world home and business scenarios transformed through technology, as you've never seen before.

Drop in for a couple of hours or stay the whole day. You'll leave buzzing with ideas, excited by the possibilities, and knowing where to start to take your business into the future.

Six Scenarios

Mission Control

Discover the power to command and deliver the new world of technology. Meet service demand, drive down costs and deliver new platforms with an ease and flexibility you never imagined possible.

Insights 24/7

Learn how to transform business data into business insight, in real time. See how to go beyond mere reporting to instantly visualise critical data.

The Future of Productivity

Give users tools to suit their different work styles to help them work more flexibly. Whether in a cafe', at home, or in the office.

Ultimate Customer Experiences

See new ways to excite and engage your customers with the latest trends in retail and travel. Discover tools for marketers, sales and customer-facing staff to show customers that you deserve their lifelong loyalty.

The Modern Home

The Home is now the ultimate entertainment zone. Explore the unlimited worlds of gaming, creativity and learning made possible when technology brings it home.

A World of Devices

@home, @work or @play, cool devices make your time so much richer - and help you get much more done. See, touch and play with the latest phones, PCs and slates to your heart's content.

The idea behind this event is driven by the thought that you would rather us show you than tell you.  This event is not going to be a talkfest!  You won’t be sitting in a conference hall, getting bored and trying to stay awake.  Instead you’ll be walking around; interacting and exploring different scenarios set in a business world and the home.


The Big Picture Experience will be in Melbourne on Wednesday November 23rd 2011 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and in Sydney on Thursday December 1st 2011 at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre.

We think this event is going to be truly different and hope to see many of you there.  Make sure you check out the website to register and to find out more about what’s going to happen at the event.



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