Kinect Makes Learning Fun!

This is a cool video on how we are working with National Geographic and Sesame Street to take Kinect beyond just games.  Very cool indeed.


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  1. oscar says:

    That is right General,you said it so right

    but I wonder,what Jeffadude IT Televangelist may think about it

    he preachs the virtues of MS,insecure,expensive,etc

    Open Source is the future,because Google says so

    Microsoft Sucks

    Linux Rocks

  2. General Open Source says:

    There's no question that the open source community is a passionate one — and one with significant influence on technology directions and options. We're way past the days when people asked if Linux or Apache was safe to depend on in business. Open source is now a mainstream part of the technology fabric.

    Yet it remains connected to its roots around a passionate community working together to solve problems and share the fruits of their labors with others. Any endeavor based in community is bound to spark passionate debate. After all, without contention, how else to determine the best way forward?

    Since its emergence, open source has embodied this spirit. Part defiant, part self-reliant, and often outspoken and opinionated, those immersed in the community have worked both in tandem and at odds, all with the intention of pushing the movement in as many worthwhile directions at once.

  3. Padre Alex says:

    Oh yes,it is cool my son

    But the future is as follows:

    Open Source because Google says so.

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