Upcoming TechNet Live! Meetings: Private Cloud Focused


I would like to inform that starting later this month and continuing into November I’ll be doing a series of TechNet Live events.  We’ve done several of these in the past and wanted to continue them to keep you up-to-date with the latest Microsoft technologies.  As many of you know the System Center line of products are all getting update and are heavily focused on Private and Public cloud and helping you better manage you existing infrastructures.  To that end we’ll be running 4 Live meetings focusing on Private Cloud and some of the System Center 2012 products.  We’ll be doing more throughout the year but wanted to get things started with some of the key products.  All the details are below along with how you can register for these events.  look forward to seeing many of you there!

Title:  Delivering the Private Cloud with Microsoft Technologies
Date:  Friday. 28th of October 2011 11:00am – 12:15PM (AEDT)SysCnt12_h_rgb
Speaker – Jeff Alexander
Registration:  Click Here

Event Overview
Let’s face it.  Everyone is talking about Cloud Computing and how it’s bringing a fundamental shift in the way that IT services are delivered.  This is certainly true and there are many spins on what cloud is and how it can help your business.  In this session, Jeff Alexander from Microsoft Australia will discuss what a “Private Cloud”  is and how you can use it to deliver IT as a service.  In fact you may already have many of the building blocks in place that make up a private cloud and not even realise.  This session will cover the Microsoft technologies that deliver the private cloud as well as the components that make up the infrastructure.

Title:  System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012: What’s in it, and how it enables building the Private CloudSysCnt-VMM12_v_rgb
Date:  Friday, 11th of November 2011 11:00am – 12:15PM (AEDT)
Speaker – Jeff Alexander
Registration:  Click Here

Event Overview

SCVMM 2012 is designed to deliver industry leading virtual machine management, deployment, and configuration for services in private cloud environments. It features deep investments in server application virtualization, service design, and service modelling all of which can be used to build an on-premises private cloud. This session will include an overview of key SCVMM 2012 key new features that include SCVMM Fabric Creation and Management, Network and Storage support, Private Cloud Creation and Delegation, and Service Creation. Attendees will gain an understanding of VMM 2012 supported scenarios, along with an understanding of how to use these capabilities to build an on-premise private cloud.

Title:  Cloud Management with System Center App Controller 2012
Date:  Friday, 25th of November 2011 11:00am – 12:15PM (AEDT)
Speaker – Jeff Alexander
Registration:  Click Here

Event Overview

As organizations move to deploying services and applications in the cloud, it is important that they have a common management experience for deployment, visibility and control in a manner that is abstracted from the underlying cloud. This session provides an overview of System Center App Controller 2012 and how it enables self-service of both public and private cloud infrastructures.

Title:  System Center Operations Manager 2012:  Technical Overview
Friday, 9th of December 2011 11:00am – 12:15PM (AEDT)
Speaker – Jeff Alexander
Registration:  Click Here

Event Overview
The next release of Operations Manager will introduce many exciting new and enhanced features sets to help organizations efficiently and effectively monitor their environments across their compute, network, storage infrastructure, while assuring attainment of service levels across their applications.  In this session we’ll discuss how Operations Manager 2012 helps to monitor your existing infrastructures as well as cloud resources to deliver infrastructure as a service.

I hope to see you at these events and look forward to sharing this information with you.


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  1. General Open Source says:

    There's no question that the open source community is a passionate one — and one with significant influence on technology directions and options. We're way past the days when people asked if Linux or Apache was safe to depend on in business. Open source is now a mainstream part of the technology fabric.

    Yet it remains connected to its roots around a passionate community working together to solve problems and share the fruits of their labors with others. Any endeavor based in community is bound to spark passionate debate. After all, without contention, how else to determine the best way forward?

    Since its emergence, open source has embodied this spirit. Part defiant, part self-reliant, and often outspoken and opinionated, those immersed in the community have worked both in tandem and at odds, all with the intention of pushing the movement in as many worthwhile directions at once.

    I like the views of the Linux geeks.

  2. Not Windows 7 Phone says:

    Open source software for the iPhone will be a great thing to come out! Eventually when an open-source developer realizes that they are attracting a lot of users, they will start making the user pay for their software thus not making it open source or freeware anymore.

    Jeffadude,what will be the outcome of Skype once Microsoft takeover,will be very expensive charges

    as it is per MS software.

    I see already the downfall of Microsoft as we know it.

  3. Apple honest user says:

    Actually, OS X is based upon and uses open source projects and code. X11, BSD, CUPS and Darwin just to name a few. Although OS X itself is closed source.

    Also, a big reason for using Linux in the past, before say Windows NT was stability. I don't know anything about the suitableness of new Windows server versions as I have no experience with them.

    I've never heard of Open Source programming languages, programming languages do not have a "source".

    Jeffadude,you know something,talk to us.

    By the way Windows 8 is the Swan song of Microsoft as we know it?.

  4. Father Simon says:

    Yes, indeed. The future of software is inevitably open source. Only a few years ago did I begin to hear about open source. However, at that time I was still using mostly closed source software to do day-to-day activities. Fast-forwarding to today, the open source community has made such great strides that now I use mostly open source software for all of my everyday needs from web browsing to multimedia playing to even some games. And the thing is, casual PC users are beginning to like open source software, and when they like something, it's bound to catch on in the computer industry like wildfire. How long will we have to wait, though? this is the time, yes time will tell.

    Jeffa dude when you fall,do not tell those geeks,that they did not want to embrace you

  5. Vince says:

    I think the real key for open source becoming dominant is getting the word out. At present the only ways that people who are less technically inclined start using open source is through accident or word of mouth. The advantage that the proprietary companies have is of advertisement and while there are ads and discussions of open source they live mostly on technically sites that the novice internet user may not find much reason to go to. Until the economic reward are sufficient enough for the developers of open source to risk money in serious and broad advertisements to average users the growth open source will be slowed. Even if ads are never widespread I believe that word of mouth such as this blog/clog will eventually lead to a much less proprietary software environment.

    Yes I like those little geek explaining their point of view very very convincing.

    Microsoft is not my cup of tea either,because of the high prices extincts.

  6. More Cojones says:

    Believe that open source software is definitely more popular than the software you buy, the main reason being, it is free. However, if all software in open source, does that mean paying for software will become thing of the past? Or will we pay a convenience fee for downloading a program pre-compiled?

    With the number of Linux users on the rise, free and open source software is becoming more and more common. However, I find Linux to not be a user-friendly, so I think that is not the major downfall of Linux

    This is only my view,my modest opinion,but still there are lots and lots of Linux Users.

    Open source is definitely "more trustable". You can generally assume that open source software is safe because many people in the public eye have looked over the code. However, I do not think a company would like to open themselves up that much. They do not want to reveal too many of their "secrets".

    That is Microsoft and alike.

    I enjoy the input of those geeks above.

  7. Mark Alexander says:

    I agree with you, open source should be the way of the future. But I think some companies will not be willing to share their secrets with the world, which may eventually cause them to be dominated by an open source product. If all software was like firefox, things would be amazing.

  8. Blog Vivant says:

    Jeffa dude is a genius,as he has joined

    the "Open Source" brotherhood,after all

    he is an IT Televangelist.

    I go along

    Open Source is the way of the Future,because Google says so

    Microsoft days are over

  9. Glad Linux User says:

    Hi Open Source Geeks & Gurus incluying Jeffa dude my idol.

    Gee this blog is popular now.

    Happy Open Source going.

    That is right,Google says that ,Open Source is the way of the future.

  10. Cojones Machos says:

    Hey Bros,I been told that,Jeffa dude has

    an IE "Dysfunction" like a lack of cojones man

    that is why he always remains every one,with the

    holy anti vulnerabilities,sick man,pity him,been for

    long preaching the virtues of IE 9-10 or whatever.

    Are you coming to celebrate his conversion to Open Source

    or how true is that he is a closet Open Source Guru man

    I'll have a nice spread of tapas and chorizo and sausages

    I'll pay for it,heavens forbid, if the IT Televangelist mob do

    good to know he repeats as we do, as follows:

    Microsoft Sucks

    Linux Rocks

    Open Source is the way of the future because Google say so.

  11. Pincha cool says:

    Yea man,that dude I knew that

    he is a closet Open Source guru dude(he,he,he)

    I been told he is saying like this:

    Microsoft Sucks

    Linux Rocks

    Open Source,free,safe,secure and it is the way of

    the future because Google says so.

  12. oscar says:

    Hey Pinchacool man.

    Telling that dude,the truth,I could not

    articulate better the way that you put it.

    I like that bit,that some of the geeks are

    saying,that,Open Source is the way of the future

    because,Google says so.

    I must agree with you the days of MS as we know  

    it are over,well I do not feel sad.

    By the way all those noises that,Jeffa dude

    has seen the light,what is all about.

    I believe he is a closet Open Source  guru man(ha,ha,ha)

    Microsoft Sucks

    Linux Rocks.

  13. Padre Alex says:

    Jeffa dude son,looks like that linux geek

    knows your mother,you sound like and

    look like his illegitimate offspring.

    Keep up your preaching as "televangelist'

    or what is it "IT Televangelist",it is not.

    Now let's say together:

    The days of MS are over.

    Microsoft Sucks

    Linux Rocks

    Open Source is the way of the Future,because Google says so.

  14. Darryl says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Wow… lot's of events!  I've sent a link to your blog to the IBM Microsoft Community of Practice.

  15. oscar says:

    Beardy Linux guy checking in. As usual.

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