TechNet Magazine: October Edition Out Now!

The latest super fantastic edition of TechNet Magazine is now live!  This month it’s all about System’s Management so go and check it out.  You neveree721042_Oct_2011(en-us,TechNet_10) know you might learn something!  Here’s some highlights!

Of course there is much more as well.  Make sure you take some time to have a read as there is always good content available.


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Comments (8)

  1. Monsieur***MS says:

    Regarding Insektor,seems to be typical

    case of MS vulnerabilities creation.

    Open Source is the way of the future.

    Windows 8 is the Swan song of MS.

  2. Monsieur *** MS says:

    Oh,excellent magazine,I see that.,

    the Linux boys are very,very good.

    It is true that Windows 8, is the swan song

    of Microsoft it is known.

    Open Source is good,I like it.

  3. Alexander says:

    Alexander 12 Oct 2011 5:18 PM

    Well, what else I can say, but do not panic

    We know well that IE has died of “Dysfunction”

    or may be “erectable not performing”, but do not

    panic Jeffa dude as MS Televangelist” will try a

    miracle,which,I been told is called “resurrection”

    with the holly antiVulnerabilities,oils and prayers.

    Hallelujah, I have seen the light. Open Source is the way

    Open Source is the way of the future because Google say so

  4. Insektor says:

    I read TechNet magazine for the articles. Not the bazoombas.

  5. Pinchacool says:

    I also have no friends perhaps it is because

    I cannot do good grammar and the third arm is offputting?

    I Love Linux because it is impersonal and not a real person so I

    imagine that it loves me back

    Microsoft Sucks, Linux Rocks, etc, etc, etc, etc

  6. oscar says:

    I am dismayed and have a beard and no friends and only use Linux and why does no-one love me?

    Oh yeah, Linux Rock yadiyadiya

    Of to sob in the corner now

  7. Trolscar says:

    Windows has a magazine? ROFLCOPTER Linux rocks we have BBS and usenet groups!

  8. excellent magazine, I submit to all

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