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We have some new content that has recently been made available.  See the details below.

How Microsoft IT Deployed a Customer Facing Application to Windows Azure in Six Weeks

Learn how the Microsoft IT Volume Licensing team gained experience with Windows Azure by focusing on a straightforward, isolated customer-facing application that allowed them to architect and redeploy to Windows Azure in six weeks with immediate cost savings.

Technical Case Study

Architecting and Redeploying a Business Critical Application to Windows Azure

The Microsoft IT Volume Licensing team architected and redeployed a business critical application, with full security review and approval, to Windows Azure. The resulting solution delivers lower cost and improved scalability, performance, and reliability.

IT Pro Webcast | Technical Case Study

How Microsoft IT is Moving to the Cloud to Meet and Exceed the Needs of the Business

Microsoft IT is investing in Microsoft cloud offerings at every level to meet and exceed the needs of the business. This video provides insight on the requirements which motivate investments and how IT services are planning and integrating with the cloud offerings.



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Comments (2)

  1. Born Again Linux User Forever Grateful says:

    Hey dude,after so much frustration with MS

    Operating System,plus the price to pay to fix

    so called “vulnerabilities”,let's face dude as

    learned Oscar, mentioned security issues,what

    a headache has it been for me the overpriced

    Windows Vista,what a flop?,bag of crap.

    As far as I know,your boss B Gates or idiot

    Steve B, never apologize or admit the crap

    of that lousy platform, that is Vista or “hasta la Vista”

    and what was that baby or a sick puppy.

    So you dude that pretend to be IT pro-evangelist

    or a preacher of useless MS-OS's.

    As Oscar laughs,I'll go and buy myself Mac's latest

    operating system,cheap and effective,but,still

    Linux for me,as born again Linux user forever.

    Repeating Oscar's slogan

    Microsoft Sucks

    Linux Rocks

    Grateful Linux User forever.

  2. oscar says:

    Jeffa Idiot Dude

    No matter how you manipulate

    the  issues,the days of Microsoft

    are numbered and your days also.

    Are you telling to your congenital

    idiots,that believe in the useless

    Operating System or the same,that

    you are reinventing the wheel ?.

    There is nothing new in your “herald”

    so breakthrough,that your Masters at

    MS are telling you how to sprewk.

    Chum,tell me more that I do not know.

    Keep telling your supporters,to tell me more

    nasty pieces of *****

    Microsoft Sucks

    Linux Rocks

    Long live Open Source,free,safe,secure

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