Microsoft Global Foundation Services Datacenter Tour

This is an amazing video from our Microsoft Global Foundation Service team on how we continue to evolve our datacentre's around the world to deliver Microsoft Cloud Services.  Really cool stuff!

GFS Datacenter Tour


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Comments (1)

  1. oscar says:

    Hey Dude,no matter what Microsoft does

    still“Security”, is unknown factor for you

    lot,it is not ?

    No matter what is or are your dreams of delusions

    a hacker,a geek, a guru,an IT Pro Evangelist(ha,ha)

    will be able to get,what is natural to them,”hack”

    By the way,you keep asking,why am I in your blog

    it is simple like this,an idiot keeps sending me your

    subscription via a colleague of mine,oh,ah,eh,uh,oops.

    Which this makes me go and by the latest Apple OS

    very cheap indeed,comparing to Microsoft OS,oops(ha,ha)

    Microsoft Sucks,(MS)

    Linux Rocks

    Long Live Open Source.

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