Software Deployment with Windows Intune


The guys over at the Windows Intune team blog have released a video on how to do software deployment using the Windows Intune July beta.  Check it out.

Software deployment with Windows Intune


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Comments (3)

  1. oscar says:

    Simon or whatever name is yours,

    are you another lackey of Microsoft or

    a mouth piece for Jeffadude.

    Microsoft Sucks

    Linux Rocks

    Long live Open Source

  2. Simon says:

    how exactly is OS miles ahead of Intune?  

    Clearly you have issues if your hanging out on a MS Blog site if you think their products are so bad.  Also, I am going to bet you have no idea how SMB or Enterprise works.

  3. oscar says:

    Jeffa,this is your pro Evangelist preaching,

    Open Source is already miles ahead of you

    and for free.

    Microsoft Sucks (MO0

    Linux Rocks

    Long live Open Source

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