Windows 8 shown at Computex in Taipei!

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  1. Vinay S C says:

    It is good that microsoft is not allowing us to wait the release of W8. But i think so it is too early for its release.

  2. oscar says:

    Jeffa, Jeffa, why may ask, why Microsoft is trying

    so soon Win8,or is because MS will never  know

    the meaning of “security”, meaning more expenses

    in antivirus,antispyware,anti-popups software,etc

    Look here chum, we have recommended to our

    Corporate customers, to dump IE from their MS

    Operating Systems and instead to be installed any

    Open Source browsers, much more secure and safe.

    The arrogance of MS is laughable, when any MS product

    needs to be activated, when any copy of MS ready, can be

    purchased for a dollar, laugh again

    Well you and Kyle, lackeys of MS, asked why I’m

    in your blog, for the simple reason, that a good

    colleague of mine is subscriber of MS TechNet, and

    he keeps, sending to me his news letter,as I dislike

    MS and never will have anything to do with it or even

    use in my cellular phone, no way to have as OS.

    (MS)Microsoft Sucks

    Linux Rocks

    Long live Open Source

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